Lawyer counseling in Vienna and permanent residence permit in Austria

Residence and work permit, registration of a company in Austria - a lawyer is the first place to start.

Our legal advice cover private person's and company´s legal issues, like coming into heritance, succession duty, obtaining work permit in Austria or solving questions in court of law. We offer consultation on moving and relocation questions.

Plenty of expats are interested in real estate - be it a property or rented premises - in order
to facilitate their moving to Austria.
Just a purchase of real estate - a house or a flat in Vienna - does not mean automatic residence permit or even a permission to stay in Austria. I will find the best lawyer in Vienna who support the purchase and sell contract and the following due process of law.
We consult you about long or permanent residence here, inform you about the quotation for residence in Vienna and other federal lands.

In short there are 2 possibilities:
- self - employed key person
- employed key worker

We inform you about red-white-red card and immigration process in Austria.

Shortly, I can offer:

  • Finding a lawyer in Vienna

  • Promotion, coordination and translations of your issue

  • Providing with a legal address in Vienna

  • Establishing your company in Austria

  • Acquiring residence permit

  • Tax consultation with annual bookkeeping sheets

  • Open a bank account

Company registration or residency in Austria, inheritance or purchase of property - any of these questions is exactly the task for me and our team of professionals!

You will be informed in detail on the topic of taxation, financial annual report and bookkeeping in Austria.

Send me your request for a prior consultation or your legal issue. Our negotiations may be held in private, with closed doors with our best lawyers in Vienna.

You can contact me per E-mail or by my direct phone number

+ 43 664 236 1140
Residence in Austria is an obtainable possibility!